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the problem of ectopic pregnancy
33 Replies
brienna - December 2

hi to all those women out here. i am brienne and currently trying to have a baby. i just recently thought of keeping up in a forum community for some very interesting discussion all about conceiving and i would like to know more about those problems that a woman may encounter. my friend have been undergone operation because of an ectopic pregnancy and i would like to know more about this kind of case. if you guys would like to have some information jotted here, that would be gladly appreciated. thanks!


fayatollah - December 2

hi brienna glad that you came across the right community to open up a discussion. everyone here seems to have our certain issues and i think that almost all of those women out there wants to know more about ectopic pregnancy.


claudia - December 2

i agree with you guys, similar to that there are also some other things that we should learn about ectopic pregnancy and yet until at this moment we are still not that aware enough to know the whole thing about it.


janice - December 3

exactly. ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg of a woman attaches or implants is some other place of the uterus commonly to the fallopian tube in which normally it is in the uterus.


hevia - December 3

this is what they called a tubal pregnancy wherein rare cases happens that the fertilized egg went implanted on ovary on the cervix or the belly.


shasha - December 3

sounds so dangerous and yet it is, should have to be very aware if you have one.


gilda - December 3

very dangerous though, so is there a way that you can save the embryo by having an ectopic pregnancy? i guess so.


althea - December 4

it is way too impossible. you can never save an ectopic pregnancy. this can't be turned into a normal conception.


ingrid - December 4

yes it doesn't get any improvement at all and if you tend to neglect, the egg will grow bigger and bigger in your fallopian tube.


harlem - December 4

that can be a major disaster to you and your health. your fallopian tube might be damaged or burst the tube itself and this will cause you some bleeding that lead to death, no joke.


ms_perfect - December 4

but what really causes ectopic pregnancy? i want to know deeper on this.


dorothy - December 4

this kind of pregnancy is caused by a fallopian tube that is damage. if this happens, the fertilized egg cannot passed through the damaged tube. by this way, the egg will grow in tube.


SUNSHINE - December 4

there are also factors that can damage your fallopian tube and to have an ectopic pregnancy like smoking, having chlamydia or gonorrhea and endometriosis, or simply being exposed to the chemical DES.


miStreSS - December 4

i heard this that some medical treatments may increase the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy.


femme1979 - December 4

yes it is true, heard one that too. if you have been into some surgery in your pelvic area or in the fallopian tubes. they said that in vitro fertilization can increase you some risks too.


catie - December 4

definitely not all treatment can really help you out with your problem and worst can even increase the chances of having that kind of productive problems.


may0311 - December 4

so what are the symptoms? how are we able to know that we have an ectopic pregnancy? how are this supposed to be diagnosed?



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