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positive but faint...
25 Replies
Portia - December 18

maybe because you are really excited and you did the test right away. if the test is done too early and the level of hormone is insufficiently present in your urine then it wouldn't give you any good clear result.


Sharee - December 18

i agree on that, even if you do some menstrual cycle charting, there could be possibilities that you ovulated a bit later than expected. just wait for a couple of days.


deborah - December 18

maybe due to the test sensitivity you have. home pregnancy tests differs from the levels of hCG that they are able to make detect. if it happens that you got a faint positive then maybe the one that you are using isn't just too sensitive enough for a conclusive result.


Emily - December 18

that is why it is important to read LABELS. somehow, the test sensitivity is detailed on the box of the kit, side part which is "mIU". say for example, 20mIU pregnancy test that will be able to positively detect sooner than of 50mIU test.


gretchen - December 18

oh, complicated :(
the test varies from the dilution of your urine. the best way to take some test is the moment you waken up.


arlene - December 18

or else if you want to take the test later that day, drink a lot of fluid so that the hcg levels in the urine dilutes and this can help to pregnancy test to get an accurate result.


brandy - December 18

you shouldn't let the pregnancy test kit be exposed of not later than 5-10 mins. because it may ruin the result that cause faint lines and maybe it was already evaporated.


hyacinth - December 18

i guess there are so many factors why you get a fainted positive result and now you are having a more clearer idea what happens to your result.


-MP- - December 18

there is also what they called as chemical pregnancy wherein there is already a fertilized egg implanted but wasn't developed yet and this may cause an early miscarriage.


nerissa - December 18

just don't hold on much with the faint positive result you got, there are still second time. take it easy and don't think negative. maybe this was just a false alarm you can still do it after a couple of days.



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