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29 Replies
caitlin - December 17

i would like to know guys what is meant by molar pregnancy. any input is gladly appreciated.


nimfa - December 17

molar pregnancy? i think it is about being pregnant but unsuccessful.


cheska - December 18

this is a serious and a very case for those expectant mothers once they are having their first ultrasound and finding out that there is no sign of heartbeat showing on the screen. it happens when the baby inside your womb had stopped growing and that caused by what they said "molar pregnancy" .


balsy - December 18

researchers say this is a very rare condition for pregnant women. it only happens to 1 in over 1,000 pregnancies.


margie - December 18

what is the root of having molar pregnancy?


keisha - December 18

molar pregnancy comes from hydatidiform moles that develops inside the womb where the baby develops.


gilda - December 18

the case where you will most likely to develop a molar pregnancy is when you have a previous experience of miscarriage or you are in older age for being pregnant.


trista - December 18

study shows that the tissue that develops for placenta will develop later on abnormally and it will overgrow and form as hydatidiform mole.


joy - December 18

placenta can grow abnormally and when those million of cells (what placenta made of) will overgrow, it will then referred as "trophoblastic disease".


lowella - December 18

but as what i've read in the article, the hydatidiform mole is most of the time harmless.


girl2woman - December 18

yes it is harmless but some can develop as cancerous although it is rare to happen. that is why molar pregnancy happens very rarely.


saishee - December 18

but if this is left untreated, then it will continue on its growth and bury itself in the surrounding organs.


marci - December 18

while left unattended, this may also spread out in your bloodstream and into the other parts of your body that includes the liver, spleen, brain, kidneys and lungs.


ingrid - December 18

this is kind of benign but capable to spread out if you will not treat it.


mandy - December 18

the hydatidiform mole has 2 types, partial mole which is the normal placenta overgrowth wherein a baby may be present and not growing anymore; complete mole which affects the entire placenta that grows rapidly and it is abnormal but no baby present on it.


heidi - December 18

what if you treat this kind of disease, will it somehow come back again?


betsy - December 18

well if there is a previous mole that remained after the treatment. a tiny can piece of the mole into any part of your body can still rapidly grow and will cause problems.



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