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menstrual cycle??
33 Replies
maegan - December 16

i would like to know on how to be albe to know the fertility phases of the menstrual cycle.


janina - December 16

menstrual cycle is very important for us to know that we are healthy and are able to conceive


zhiba - December 16

but this is not an assurance though. some don't get to conceive even if they are having their regular menstrual cycle.


gretchen - December 16

our menstrual cycle is affected through a complex interplay of our hormones that will prepare for our body's ovulation.


sandy - December 16

one should know the different phases of menstrual cycle to better understand the fertility pattern.


ingrid - December 16

not only to know the fertility pattern but also to know the peak of fertility and the time that you are most likely to conceive.


matilda - December 16

what could be the average length of menstrual cycle?


tanya - December 16

the average menstrual cycle is the typical cycle length which is 28 days. but then again this varies from women to women that goes anything between 25 to 34 days in between the cycles is still considered as a regular menstrual cycle.


viktoria - December 16

well not all dear, it still varies from month to month. the cycle is up to 8 days of variation that is to be considered as a regular menstrual cycle.


phoebe - December 16

actually there are two phases of menstrual cycle namely the follicular phase and the luteal phase.


marci - December 16

for the follicular phase this is when the first day of your menstrual cycle encompasses the moment of the menstrual bleeding.


dianne - December 16

is this what they called the pre-ovulation phase right? i read it once and it says this phase is where the hormonal changes tends to happen and that this time is when your body prepares for and somehow will lead to your ovulation.


Sharee - December 16

the length of follicular phase can and varies greatly in between cycles as it is on dependency of the development of the egg bearing follicles in your ovaries.


Emily - December 16

to make it simpler, heheh, it is around 13 and 18 days.


fatima - December 16

during this phase your pituitary gland will release FSH that cause the ovarian follicles to develop later on.


jackie - December 16

and when this time comes, you are beginning to release an egg.


claudia - December 16

the maturation of the follicle that wins on will lead to ovulation and will cause an associated increase in your hormone oestrogen.



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