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i need advices
21 Replies
kursteen - December 16

can you guys give some few advices for us with my partner on how long it will take for me to get pregnant? me and my partner are active on trying for a baby... what do you think?


saishee - December 16

whoah... hmmm, well, couples especially those who are trying on the first base are often times asking this question a hundred times.


akiko - December 17

yes it is kind of a question that you can't just give a concrete answer unfortunately.


desiree - December 17

that depends on the luck and the method for some who are trying a couple of ways. some of the couples out there are methodically following patterns to ovulation with say just a little success.


louise - December 17

but some others, luckily, gets pregnant even if they are not trying. but, there is just a little way to know or predict on which category your are going to fall into.


ELVIRA - December 17

but if we are going to do it statistically, for healthy and fertile couple (if you are one) will have a 1 of 20-25% chance to conceive in each cycle with like approximately getting pregnant within a year of trying actively.


violah - December 17

yeah, normally it falls into a year before a successful conceiving.


leonore - December 17

that could be considered as perfectly normal to have it over a year unless you are having a specific problems in health and that the doctor will advice you for an investigations until the right time.


britney00 - December 17

on the other hand, if you are trying now for a year and still the chance is not visible, the doctor might advice you for some fertility monitoring for precaution.


19shanice85 - December 17

with regards to you age, this could be a factor to know if you are getting there. let's say you are at the age of mid 30s then it is a recommendation to see your doctor after 6 months of unsuccessful trying.


cassiopeia - December 17

agree to that because at this age, the chance of fertility is beginning to decline and some other problems occurs that should be addressed earlier before trying to conceive.


ms_perfect - December 17

i guess that the successful pregnancy depends on how a lot of factors because there is no real way to know how long are you going to conceive.


hyacinth - December 17

best to identify those factors so that you can determine if you are able to conceive right away or not.


vivian - December 17

the age is the most important factor to take note with. when on your 30s and 40s it is hardly to tell whether you will still get pregnant or not.


courtney - December 17

lifestyle can be one factor too. if you are actively smoking and drinking alcohol much.


brienna - December 17

women should avoid those vices and yet the good thing to do is to take prenatal vitamins and supplements to their daily diet with folic acid.


hailey - December 17

health problems can be a hindrance to conceive too. if you have issues with regards to your health, then the chance to conceive won't be successful.



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