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22 Replies
robert - December 18

i know not all of you here might relate on my question but i hope you can help me out know about this. my workplace, as what my wife said is not a safe place because it will definitely affect my fertility. to give you a bigger idea on this, the company i am working with is dealing with chemicals that may not be intoxicated but still the fact that is chemical, it will surely give me side effects. can a workplace be a reason of the possibility to get infertile?


balsy - December 18

as just to what you said, it is clear for me that the workplace you have seems to affect your health, sooner or later.


janice - December 18

whether you like it or not, your workplace will give the bigger picture of the possibility in having problems with fertility.


felicia - December 18

nowadays, our fast pace lifestyle and as well as all those things that surrounds us is not that safe anymore for our health. consider your place is surrounded by chemicals, then most likely your health could be at risk.


dorothy - December 18

do you think that your working environment is just enough to be safe for you? the answer of course is not at all.


SUNSHINE - December 18

your occupation is known to be harzardous to your health.


big``GIRL - December 18

it really is. the exposure and the risk that you might get can be dangerous like the radiations or the smell of the chemicals will damage your sperm and can be a major bad impact to your fertility.


miStreSS - December 18

this is due to the heat exposure and the trauma you are getting in exposing yourself to the chemicals.


hyacinth - December 18

did you happen to think of looking for another job that may not put your health and fertility at risk? because if you only got an option, then this is the best time to do so.


fernand - December 18

you are right hyacinth. take note, chemicals are very harmful by any means like example lead.


Shaun - December 18

i know that your occupation and that your work is important for your family, but how about the dream of having a child? maybe you can think of ways to not compromise your health.


nimfa - December 18

some chemical related work is when you are in the farm, agricultural and forestry work. this includes the use of chemicals like pesticides.


patrick - December 18

i think almost all kinds of work contributes bad effects on us, although some are lighter but still, if health is at risk,it isn't good anymore.


althea - December 20

paints can be dangerous too. hydrocarbons and solvents exposure will ruined your health and can lead to problems in babies.


zhiba - December 20

a lot of work that may ruin your health. factory and refinery workers are also not safe at all. those who are working on ceramics, firemen, and those who are exposed to heavy metals like mercury and wood dust.


joshua - December 20

avoid too much exposure on heat and radiation. heat affects the sperm morphology and will result to delayed conception.


efraine - December 20

if you can't let go with the nature of your work, you can do something to minimize the exposure on pollutants. wear the right protective clothing and take a shower by the moment you are at home after having contact with the chemicals.



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