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HARD times for me...
32 Replies
lacey - December 16

i have been married for 3 years now and haven't been blessed with a child. although my husband is not complaining about our status, i felt like my being wife has been useless. i for once have been pregnant like 2 or 3 times but it all fails out and now i am starting to get frustrated.


margie - December 16

i think you are feeling frustrated because you felt like things didn't fall out the way you as a couple planned.


loyd - December 16

as a husband, it is not your fault nor your husband's, it is still early to tell that you will no longer conceive. the chance is always there, it may just need a perfect timing.


nerissa - December 16

yes it is really frustrating especially when you are in a point where the only missing in building a happy home is a baby.


lowella - December 16

of course it is more frustrating when you are trying it over a year or so and still can't manage to conceive.


gilda - December 16

but you know lacey you don't have to worry much. as for reassurance, you should know that 30% of the couples who conceive happens after 3 months of trying, over 85% of them conceive within one year and over 95% are dealing on conceiving for about 2 years.


lady - December 16

yup and maybe next year, who knows you will get pregnant! just cross-fingers. :)


chavie - December 16

well, this statistics can only have a little meaning in coping up with the angst of highs and lows in not conceiving each month. but there are a lot of ways to hang on and take your self a bit of calm.


-MP- - December 16

yes at least you won't pressure yourself out of not having a baby yet. just try to remember you are not alone in this battle there are a lot of women out there who are also struggling the same phase like yours so just bear in mind that things will be just fine in God's will.


xxladydreamxx - December 16

well, yes i strongly agree with all the above statement because they have their points that may help you out think quite lighter and calm. and speaking of calm, try to relax every once in a while because this will help you out no to stressed up yourself of too much trying and concentrating in baby-making.


margie - December 16

sometimes we are sober with the old cliché of "relax and it'll happen" when actually it is really easier said than done but this is what motivates us more. yes, it is really impossible to relax knowing that you are thinking about what are you going to do just to conceive. counting the days and looking for a lot of signs are really something very tiring and yet getting a relaxing moment one like you should have to lower down the stress that might get along your way of conceiving.


eureka - December 16

the chances of conceiving can sometimes be relying to how stress you are and having yourself a relaxing time can lower down stress and will help you gain chances of conceiving so it is really better to take sometime to pamper yourself because it is essential.


00daphne00 - December 16

yes that is right eureka. maybe you can go on shopping, take a warm bubble bath or have an exercise to the gym or just simply lay back and watch your favorite movies. these are just some of those simple things that may relax and ease your body and mind.


belinda - December 16

another thing that triggers you to feel the uneasiness and of not conceiving is when you feel guiltiness and that often time blaming yourself or your partner of you are not yet conceiving.


girl2woman - December 16

a bad habit indeed because no one ever wanted not to have a kid. besides,the delaying of conceiving is not anyone's fault either. so instead of blaming and labeling the fault to someone, help yourself out, help one another as a couple.


betsy - December 16

never ever put the blame to anyone, you are definitely right girl2woman. the thing is that even most of the healthy couples out there, only 20-25% of chance to conceive each cycle so therefore realistically luck still depends on the nature that was the one doing its thing. just chill!


]]kelly[[ - December 16

hehe, chill, chill... one more thing lacey, guess you are feeling angry and frustrate because of the situation you are going through, but, do not feel it! the tension is adding up to the stress and never get angry or showing the feeling of frustration to your partner, it can never do any good at all.



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