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janina - December 17

it also helps out decreases the risk of the ovulatory infertility and plays an important role in the function and production of the red blood cells. vitamins B12 is an essential to the development and maintenance of our nervous system.


betsy - December 17

wow, that is a lot of lists to do for you sarrah :) adding to that list is eating of honey and spinach.


margie - December 17

honey has been proven for so many things and this can enhance our fertility due to its amino acids and minerals that nourish our reproductive system and stimulating functions of the ovary. many experienced and considered this as a super food that boosts fertility.


nerissa - December 17

spinach contains folic acid for those men they need this to optimized sperm production.


cheska - December 17

sea food like oyster is a one good fertility boosting food too. this is very abundant in zinc that helps both sperm and egg production.


brandy - December 17

can you believe this, chillie? chillie is a fertility boosting food? YES it is! spice can regulate the flow of your blood around the body to ensure that the reproductive system have a healthy supply. endorphin is stimulated by eating chillies that can even release the stress.


icah - December 17

is it avocado already mentioned here? because avocado is one good fruit that provides a source of vitamin E, a very powerful antioxidant, essential nutrient for fertility to both men and women. it improves the sperm's viability and regulates both the cervical mucus production and ovulation.


chavie - December 17

go for good quality and avoid unprocessed foods, bear that in mind. as the saying goe, "you are what you eat", so be responsible for the chosen food to eat.


icell - December 17

drink plenty of liquids like water, fresh fruit juices and avoid drinking sodas.


kaka_jen - December 17

not only fresh fruit juices and water but also drink a lot of milk and vitamins.



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