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epileptic parent
21 Replies
rhianne - December 18

my questions is a little bit sensitive and i am speaking for my sister's situation, she has epilepsy and probably will get marry soon. i am happy to know that she is living the normal life just like us and soon, she might conceive. i would like to know what would be her condition if she will have the chance to get pregnant. i am expecting honest replies from you guys hope you'll understand.


meriam - December 18

i know you really love your sister so much and that you are concerned of the possibility that she will get pregnant soon. did you happen to bring her first to an epilepsy specialist? in that way, you the specialist can give you an advice on what to do.


akiko - December 18

i think there is nothing wrong for mom-to-be with epilepsy to get pregnant.


zyger - December 18

but as what meriam said, going to a specialist and discuss about the situation will open up ways to manage a pregnancy that will be healthy and to also keep seizures minimum.


jhellie - December 18

what about the risks that epilepsy and its medication brings during pregnancy, still this should be focused on.


dorphie - December 18

there are means and ways to control or minimize them and planning ahead before its too late is SOP.


britney00 - December 18

you can't just be pregnant while having your medication at the same time because some medications are really harmful to the development of your baby.


cassiopeia - December 18

that is why it is best to minimize or reduce the medication before conceiving and lowering the dose of anti-epileptic drugs at as low as much as possible.


vivian - December 18

if you are trying new medications and you are scared that you might get pregnant, try to use contraceptions first or else if avoid medication when you are already pregnant.


lady - December 18

there are people with epilepsy that are hard to control that is why in this case it will be much safer for you both to stay on the same drug regime.


hailey - December 18

help out your sister to practice controlling seizures. i think she isn't having worst epilepsy because of the love you guys are showing her.


SHAWNTELL - December 18

your sister should very lucky to have you because you are not only concern to her status but also the baby that she might bear.


jackie - December 18

i guess the simplest way to avoid this if it is really true is by not placing laptops literally on your laps, work those on the table or desk.


louise - December 18

take note, folic acid is important for the development of baby's growth.


liza - December 20

this also helps out prevent the defects that may may occur in your baby.


sad_mom - December 20

studies show that most of those anti-epileptic medication give a normal and healthy birth to babies.


chavie - December 20

yes but sadly not all are having a healthy delivery. some mothers may give birth to baby with cleft lip or palate, neural tube defects and heart defects.



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