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diabetes on pregnancy
35 Replies
kylee - December 18

i have diabetes and quite a bit of frustrated now because i want to have a baby now. i want to know, if there is anything i need to know to consider my condition before getting pregnant?


keisha - December 18

diabetes can be determined as type 1 or type 2. there are things that you can do with regards to preparing yourself for pregnancy.


althea - December 18

in fact it is said that diabetes can be one of those good examples on getting ready for pregnancy because it can make a big difference to your health and to the baby's.


gilda - December 18

i know you are getting concern of the health that you have and of the baby's as well in case you will already conceive. i think it is our instinct that we don't want to let any situations we have to affect our pregnancy.


marci - December 18

i agree to that. it is not being paranoid, it is what we just don't want to happen to our babies.


mandy - December 18

in your case that you have diabetes, you should properly and carefully managed your condition.


joy - December 18

one who have it, like you should know that diabetes means you are at risk of the possibility to lose your baby.


spice - December 18

even if just in case you don't lose your baby, the complication is still there. your baby might get congenital condition.


fatima - December 18

as a mother, you don't want that to happen to your baby and worst to lose the baby that you carry in your womb.


gilda - December 18

my idea of diabetes seems not so broad until this thread has been open up. i thought that a simple diabetes, could be, won't harm you from trying.


heidi - December 18

i think that every personal health condition of a mother will be pass on or will have an effect to the baby she will be carrying because the connection revolves around both of them.


felicia - December 18

just seek a doctors support in times like this. plan carefully on the things that you have to do.


dianne - December 18

don't forget to get a diabetes specialist to help you out with the situation. never get aloof in asking advice when it comes to planning of a healthy pregnancy.


agatha - December 18

before anything else or before you and your partner try for a baby, consider yourself checked by specialist and doctor.


bless - December 20

this is important to be able to control the diabetes to ready yourself on pregnancy.


saishee - December 20

just happened to know that diabetes should be keep an eye to when you want to conceive so that you will reduce the risk of having miscarriage pregnancy.


liza - December 20

not only miscarriage pregnancy, you may even develop pre-eclampsia later in the stage of pregnancy.



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