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ACUPUNCTURE, REFLEXOLOGY for fertility (and the like)
38 Replies
arci_mun - December 17

are those alternative treatments like acupuncture and reflexology will help the problem of infertility? i wanted to try one of those but i have no idea if it will do good in my condition.


brandy - December 17

it has been said that acupuncture was used in Eastern medicine for like a thousands of years and it works a holistic approach in improving the health.


harvey - December 17

basis of acupuncture are really tested for some reasons and the practitioners of this treatment believes that in every part of the body is interconnected in flow of energy to the body.


elijah - December 17

this helps out if we base on total wellness, that means it includes the wellness of our reproductive system.


gilda - December 17

this can relieve a lot of stress, relaxing your muscles and stress is to be know as one factor that affect the fertility of a man and woman.


heidi - December 17

the increasing number of those couples who are underlying themselves in the hands of acupuncturists has been so much popular and yet the growing number somehow meet their expectations as well.


marci - December 17

according to the researchers, it has been found that the acupuncture therapy can have a positive effect to those who are trying to have a baby and can even aid the process of conception.


margie - December 17

i never thought that at all and now i am learning more and more on this discussion. :)


liza - December 17

because of the process of putting needles into any part of the body particularly at the back, this helps out increasing the blood flow to your reproductive organs and balance the levels of your hormone.


Sharee - December 17

aside from that, it will help out regulate the cycle of your menstruation and improve the uterus lining and the quality of the eggs to be released.


fatima - December 17

again, this is an overall health wellness. study shows that the polycystic ovaries or endometriosis can be improved with this treatment.


april - December 17

the benefits of acupuncture is not only for women but also for men out there who are having issues in fertility.


nerissa - December 17

yes because it helps out to give a positive effects to the sperm count, mobility and morphology.


tracy - December 17

most of the couples out there undergoing acupuncture are those who have a very stressful times in trying and that is why acupuncture will reduce the feeling of anxiety, insomnia and stress.


felicia - December 17

one study says that combining acupuncture with IVF can have a great chance of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.


phyzea - December 17

this is in conjunction with a woman that will undergo acupuncture throughout with their IVF treatment is almost fall into successful pregnancy as to those who just have IVF alone.


ingrid - December 17

well you don't just have acupuncture and then get the result right there and then. it is important to manifest relaxation is well best to be practiced.



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