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will diaphragm works well on me?
33 Replies
Maria Fe - November 12

Aside from its effectiveness, for me diaphragm is less hassle because you only use when needed.


Fritzie - November 12

side effects in using diaphragm is very few and no major health risks is involved.


Megan888 - November 12

Agree with you Maria Fe, less hassle and does not interrupt your lovemaking too.


Doreen - November 12

But hey there are these women who are allergic to latex rubber. So they must see to it that they are not allergic to rubber before using diaphragm then.


Marivic Edge - November 12

Not just with rubber but still other women are allergic to the spermicidal gel as well. So in situation like this, you might want to try other brands that you are not allergic to.


Bea - November 12

Diaphragm generally is okay but unlike other birth control method, Diaphragm does not protect you from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.


Rachel Murray - November 12

Hi! I used to have the diaphragm insertion but had it removed cause I got some bladder infection.


Grace V. - November 12

bladder infection and other bladder irritation are just some of the potential risks while using the diaphragm. so if you feel any discomfort then, you better to consult your doctor about it the soonest possible time so that proper medical attention will be given.


Tessa Reyes - November 12

diaphragm is not recommended to be worn like more than 48 hours to avoid any Toxic Shock Syndrome.


Sharon V. - November 12

Correct Tessa. And in case you have a history of TSS, diaphragm is not best method for you. Best if you try to see for another birth control method that fits you.


Hilary D. - November 12

Danger signs that you are having this Toxic Shock Syndrome includes sudden high fever, vomiting and diarrhea,weakness or dizziness, aching muscles and rash like that of a sunburn.


Lina_B. - November 12

Thank all for your info. These are all very useful.


Marivic Edge - November 12

No problem, Lina. All women would be very glad to be of help to other women too.


Fritzie - November 12

Sure then, just don't be shy nor hesitate to ask your doctor if in case you have a serious problem while using the diaphragm.


samsam - November 23

i have heard so much about diaphragm but never had the chance to check out how it looks like. i know for sure that it's a latex rubber, does it looks like female condom or something?


gera - November 27

diaphragm is a dome-shaped bowl made of thin, flexible rubber. google it so that you will actually see how it looks like.



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