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25 Replies
precy - November 5

i have stopped using birth control pills for over three months now.
why am i able to conceive yet?
any idea?


Geisha K. - November 6

your time has not come yet. more patient and more sleepless nights to go. enjoy.


lurveit_888 - November 6

probably you are not fertile when you both did it. do it in the right time. and don't expect to conceive right away.


samsam - November 9

if you have been taking pills for a longer period of time, then there is possibility that the ovulation may not occur immediately. just give it a time.


dora - November 9

see a gynecologist. they could help you ovulation.


megan - November 9

Wait and watch for a while longer.If it doesn't work, consult a doctor.


katie - November 9

nature takes time to make a patient and try and have sex frequently. :)


scarlet - November 9

i think it depends on your body. i conceived within a year of stopping the pill. i hope it will make sense to you.


kaye - November 9

some women ovulate immediately after off pill while would take a few months or even a year. it's normal.


XOXO - November 9

there is no sure time limit that it will take you to get pregnant.once you stop taking the pill your body needs time to adjust.


hale - November 9

give it a few more months. i think your body must have timed out. :)


cheskie - November 9

i think it depends for everybody. one thing i know is that, as soon as to stopped taking pills you will conceive right away.


aira - November 11

i think you need to wait for your normal cycle to come before you will be able to conceive. take vitamin supplements and eat healthy foods. it will surely make sense.


sheila - November 27

all women are different.age and lifestyle matters too.if you really want to conceive right away, live a healthy life.


mitch - November 27

i have been on pills for 5 years but i got pregnant the month after i get off the pill. i was 23 years old that time and now i'm 26. so yes, age does matter and so with the lifestyle.


geraldine - November 27

the longer you were on the pill, the longer it takes for your body to adjust and be fertile when off it.just give it a time, you will eventually get pregnant not longer than 6 months.anything is possible so just hang in there.


miraflor - December 10

i believed that once you stopped taking pills you have to wait for 2-3 menstrual cycles before getting pregnant. this is because if you get pregnant right away, chances are, you'll have miscarriage.



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