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Mirena coil
89 Replies
Lou1509 - September 14

Hi i have a mirena coil which was fitted just over 2 years ago and since having it fittd i was still getting a period which were regular, but 2 months ago they were all over the place and the only thing that i can think of that could have affected the coil is that since having it fitted i have lost over 2 stone in weight and wondered if the coil could be affected by weight loss? or whether even after 2 years your periods can stop? thanks for any info!


sasha - September 18

Lou, you may experience irregular bleeding or spotting in the first few months after Mirena is inserted. After this your periods will usually settle down and become shorter and lighter, or may stop all together. Your two years of still having the period is quite very long. Did you ever go to your doctor and ask why? You should consult your doctor, to ensure that the IUS has not been expelled.


XOXO - September 18

Probably the mirena coil was expelled from your uterus without you noticing it. although an increase in menstrual bleeding or pain may warn you of this.


Genie0808 - September 18

I don't think your weight loss thing is the reason why you experience such things. They might be some problems on the positioning of the device.


mitch - October 7

i think this has been posted here already. anyway, sorry i can't be much of help. don't have any experience with this thing.


katie - October 7

have it checked lou. this could be very dangerous. don't ignore it!


ginger - October 8

i think 2 years is long enough. make it a point to visit your doctor very soon.


chezzie - October 11

I am booked in to have the mirena coil fitted this month. But i am also booked in to be sterilised at the end of this month, as i am really unsure what to do. I know i dont want anymore children its just ive heard good stories both sides & horror stories both sides!!!! My doc told me either way is as effective just the sterilisation is permenant. Any helpful advise of any sort would be very welcome. Thank you.


virra - October 13

if you're sure that you don't want to have baby anymore, then go for sterilization... but i think you should go to the one you are most comfortable about...


ara - October 16

go for sterilization!mirena is dangerous.make some research to find out why.


mia - October 17

i've heard about his merina too. been reading a lot forum sites and that's what exactly they were saying.


chezzie - October 17

Thank you ladies, i think il be walking into the hosp rather than the docs on monday......... Wish me luck !!!


sasha - October 23

how's your visit to the hospital chezzie? how are you doing now?


alrock - November 27

hi i have had the mirena for 6 years which means i'm on my second one and to be honest it's the best thing i ever did due to fibroids i used to bleed excessively for 2 weeks out of the month and now do not get anything at all for possibly 6 months at a time and then only for a day very light . Obviously the contraceptive benefits are great too! i would advise any woman with period problems to try it first before opting for surgery you may find it would not be needed as i did . on the down side and yes there is a small one i do find evry once in a while the fibroids shift position knocking into the mirena it is not painful just gives slight discomfort rather like the pre period tension in your uterus so alls good


Yassa62 - December 2

Hi i was steralised 10years ago, and since that operation my periods got worse...i was off work every month with the pain. I had the mirena fitted 2 years in february and it was the best this i ever did, no regrets. I get a little pain some months, but hardly any bleeding.


samsam - December 9

i have no idea on how mirena works, haven't tried it before. so all i can say is that-- if you suspect that something is going wrong, consult with your doctor immediately. what comes into your mind first is usually right. so never hesitate.


olivia - December 19

when it comes to health issue, you should always be aware. it is always best to ask doctors advice.



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