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Gained Weight with Birth Control Pill
30 Replies
aira - November 23

now i don't think this is a rare condition now, because i'm one of you ladies. i used to wonder if this is true. i mean, i did gain weight but never really thought it was as a result of discontinuing the pill. does anyone have any info for this?


nicolai - November 27

same thing happened to me, i went off pill for the thought that somehow i would lose weight which the pill has caused me. but since i went off the pill, i have gained 10 more pounds. that's weird... :(


susie - November 27

hi there! i did the same... came off the pill and eventually still gaining weight... has anyone had success on taking this weight off???


toni - November 27

well ladies maybe your body hasn't calmed down yet. this usually happens when you've been on the pill for a longer period of time. just give your body a time to relax.


ann_marie - December 10

i used to be chubby even before i started using pills and while using it makes me more gain weight. but now i'm off pill, i started losing weight. although i loved the results somehow it still makes me worry if this is normal thing to happen.


hale - December 15

congrats! that's something new... i think it's completely normal...


aliyah - December 15

well that's good news! i came off but didn't lose weight and now i'm stuck

with it!!!!! grrrrrr...


samantha - December 15

i came off about a month ago and i lose almost everything! weight, appetite, not to mention the boobs. and before i forgot i got negative side effects too
and worse is mood swing!!!


maryjane - December 15

i came off about 3 months. no serious side effects so far but i have had irregular periods which is gradually getting better now. i just thought i'd like to share that...


raiza - December 15

thanks for sharing!! i came off 2 years ago for the thought off losing weight and get my body back to normal. but instead of losing weight , i gained baby!!! LOL


aida - December 15

hahahaha... that's a nice story... i came off pill because of medical reason... nothing much to say, just for a change... :)


hale - December 19

hahaha... nice one raiza! i remember a friend who had the same situation. so it really does happen.


lily - December 19

ya that's very possible to happen. that is why it is best to use condom when off pill to prevent early pregnancy.


girlie - December 19

some woman ovulates and become fertile quickly after off pill. my sister went off pill two years ago. 1 week after off pill she got pregnant.


heidi - December 19

i heard the same story and so i also believed that you should always use back up methods. it's always better to be safe than sorry.



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