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female condom during menstruation
18 Replies
cherry - November 27

my boyfriend is truly sexually active to the point that we're having sex even if i have my period. worst thing is, he doesn't want to use condom which is dangerous as we all know. my question is... is it okay to use female condom during menstruation?


jena - November 27

yes, it can be used during menstruation period. it can even be used during pregnancies or even after recent childbirth. so, no worries...


christine - November 27

having sex during menstruation period with or without condom is truly a messy one. but we are talking about safety measures, so i think it's the only best option that you got.


megan - November 27

i agree! just messy in a different way. but you can always do it in the bath...


sheila - November 27

it's better to be messy than have sex without condom most especially if your having your period. it's very unhealthy and may even cause infections.


che-che - November 27

totally true!!! menstrual blood can contain STD bacteria or viruses, so therefore you need protection during these times. male/female condom is the best option.


joshua - November 27

so how can we avoid mess when having sex during period? do you ladies got any idea for this? hahaha...


juliet - November 27

according to my doctor, sex during menstrual period is no longer dangerous. and the blood actually makes a perfect lubricant and enhances sexual satisfaction for some.


megan - November 27

have you heard of menstrual cups?
if i am not mistaken, some women use this to have sex during menstrual period.
any input?


mia - December 4

i agree with juliet. but having sex during menstruation does not protect a couple from STDs or pregnancy so therefore you still need to use other methods of contraceptions.


che-che - December 4

a menstrual cup is not a birth control device. it is a barrier worn during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid. unlike tampons and pads, it is reusable.


sheila - December 4

megan--- yes it can be used during sex. actually there are two types of menstrual cups available. the disposable and reusable. disposable cups can be worn during sex.


denise - December 4

just like what che-che said, menstrual cup is not a birth control device, so it means to say it can't protect you from getting pregnant. in short, you still need to take extra contraceptions since it's still possible to get pregnant during menstruation period.


mitch - December 4

really? i never thought you could still get pregnant during menstruation. i thought it is the safest time to have sex. how could it be possible?


elizabeth - December 4

yes it's because ovulation is highly unpredictable. aside from that, woman do not always ovulate at the same time each cycle. sometimes woman can be fertile as early as day 3 of her cycle.


liz - December 4

that's true! sometimes a woman's fertile period can also extend to the day when menstruation is about to begin. so there's no guarantee that a woman will not get pregnant when engage in sexual intercourse during menstruation period.


amore - December 9

i had sex a couple of times during my period. lucky i never get pregnant. thanks for all the information here. next time i won't take any risk. :)



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