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condom breaks
18 Replies
Katie18 - November 6

Hey, we just did it last night and I think that the condom he uses break. I am somewhat disturbed now. What will I do? I might get pregnant with last night's action.


nadine - November 6

Oh Katie, there's a chance that you might get pregnant when a condom breaks. You should be more cautious next time.


katie18 - November 6

you are not helping me nadine instead you are frightening there anything that i could take orally to prevent pregnancy? help please.


lax.samantha - November 6

Katie, don't worry much. An emergency contraceptive pills is available over the counter to prevent pregnancy. Take it the soonest possible time. Good Luck!


Pinky - November 6

Take "morning after pill". It reduces the risk of getting pregnant as long as you take it within 5 days after the intercourse.


poison ivy - November 6

you can get the emergency pill over the counter as long as you are 18 years old and above. i suppose you are above 18.


Redda - November 6

The effectiveness of EC goes down gradually and generally won't work if you wait more than 5 days,so better act now before its too late.


GraceY - November 6

Be sure not to have unprotected sex in the days or weeks following after taking the EC, too risky.


Ruth_Less - November 6

If your period does not start within three weeks after taking the Emergency Pill, see your doctor for an exam or take a pregnancy test. You should be more careful next time.


Lucy - November 6

You can buy this EC and have it with you all the time for emergency purposes but never use this as your routine because this is less effective than any other available contraceptives.


Katie18 - November 6

thank you guys for all your useful information. Will grab an EC now at the pharmacy before its too late. thanks. thanks.


megan - November 6

that's good katie! don't forget to update us... wish you luck!


Gemma - November 6

Always have a protected sex katie so that you wont be sorry then.


Katie18 - November 6

sure megan, will give you an update. thanks.


hale - November 9

did the condom break before the ejaculation occur? chances are, you'll get pregnant but it depends on what time you are in your cycle.


rhea - November 9

it happened to me trice but i didn't get pregnant on all occasion. but still, you need to be very careful. if anything like this would happen again then morning pill is the way to go.


lyka - November 11

for all i know, condoms doesn't break easily. don't you think that the condom you were using is expired? try to checked it next time.



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