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Can't stop bleeding and super heavy
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Tlcjs93 - July 25

Newbie and extremely nervous about posting xxx

So bare with me. Need advice
So in 24 started my periods at 10 since my first period it was extremely painful and heavy it got worse as I got older and still is I tried the pill when I was younger but didn't help often needed iron tablets as I got older they heavier and more painful I tried more controceptive pills also the implant and depo injections and coils I have currently had 8 marina coils I bled that much they came out or caused Extreme pain IV also had many tried with infections that out you through a menopause state and was told it was very rare for someone to bleed on and I did lots also got diagnosed with pcos a few years before so he decided to go on and have a look to see if I have endometriosis but was clear just sever scar tissues I have lots of medical problems so I never saw him again as he didn't know what was causing it so now things have got worse the bleeding is very bad IV been trying to measure it by going to the toilet and squatting on a just well I lost at least 70ml in 24 hours and that's not including the 10 maternity pads I used and bits that went in to the loo I am having a period about every 2 weeks bleeding is taking it out if me very dizzy and weak my gphas referred me back to the specialist who did my surgery as my GP has literally tried all he can he think I may need a hysterectomy and I kind of want one I can't keeps doing this and a pregnancy would be risky with my other problems I loose a lot of clots and some very large and the blood is quiet thick and stringy just wandered if anyone has been in a similar situation and have some advice and if anyone knows ifba way to fully measure blood loss I tried a moon cup so embarrassing this but I couldn't not get it out and had to be admitted to hospital to have it removed even tho it was the correct one please does anyone know another way or have any advice about nothing stopping you bleeding
Had many scans blood test
Biopsy smear all clear
I get scared with the amount I loose and how I feel I really am and my Whits end I can't take it no more but I feel such a wiki for moaning about the pain

Thank you




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