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14 Replies
joyce - November 27

hi everyone.i'm 17 years old and sexually boyfriend doesn't want to use condom and so i wonder if i could use female condom instead without him noticing it.any advice you could give will be happy to accept.thanks.


kathy - November 27

hmmm... never thought of this huh? i think it is impossible for him not to notice it.


megan - November 27

too young to be sexually active. :(
but anyway, surely he would notice it girl.


leah - November 27

ladies i just wonder if it's okay for a 17 years old girl to wear female condom. isn't it too young for them to use those?


scarlet - November 27

yup, it is suitable for women of all ages. however, i won't recommend to use this, cause it will sound that i'm in favor of having sex at an early age which is not true. i think 17 is too early to be sexually active.


dora - November 27

definitely yes, he would notice it. it's because the outer ring of it remains on the outside of the vagina. not unless you would turn off the light but still he would notice it because eventually he would feel it.


cheskie - December 4

joyce i think you should talk to your boyfriend about this. you should let him know how you feel about everything. if he really loves which i'm sure he does, he would eventually understand you.


jackie - December 9

if he keep insisting not to use condom, then tell him that you will not have sex with him. you need to stand for what is right cause in the end it's you who suffers.


lily - December 10

why don't you just take birth control pills instead? that's something your boyfriend wouldn't notice.


maryjane - December 10

yea right BCP. but it would be better to use condom. it doesn't just prevent you from getting pregnant but can also protect you from STD's. i'm not saying that your BF got it but we can never really tell.


catherine - December 16

since you're still young, it would be advisable if you use condom. BCP works individually and may have may side effect, some maybe too much for you to handle.


olivia - December 18

hi joyce, i was at your age when i started on pills. i haven't experienced any problem then. i'm not saying you should take it too but think about your future. if you don't want to get pregnant then any contraceptives will work fine. the choice is yours.


daryll - December 18

if you're responsible enough to have sex then you must be responsible enough not to get pregnant! that's the rules.. live with it learn from it..


felicity - December 18

wow, great advice daryll! you are definitely right about what you said! keep it up girl!


tina - December 19

daryll has a point here. i couldn't say anything more. i would the same if were in her shoe.



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