Five Ways to Stay Healthier in 2017

It’s come round to that time again – the start of a new year when we’re focused on making our resolutions and thinking about what we can do to be healthier. Once the the excess of Christmas is out of the way it’s time to get focused and look after ourselves. So here are five things you can do to be healthier this coming year.

Start a fitness programme

If you find yourself putting off doing any exercise and need some guidance, consider joining a gym. Plenty of gyms now offer personalised fitness programmes and classes, so that you’ve got a trainer giving you support and encouragement. It’s also a great way to make new friends and you can help spur each other on.

Make healthy food swaps

We’re all guilty of having naughty treats once in a while but if you find you’ve got a particularly sweet tooth, or crave savoury snacks a little too often, then there are some simple swaps you can do. Instead of having that chocolate bar or a packet of sweets, why not try some fresh or dried fruit, natural yoghurt with a bit of honey drizzled on top or rice cakes spread with a little jam? Swap your crisps for homemade popcorn without the sugar and salt or a pitta with dips such as hummus or salsa. Oatcakes and corn cakes are another good swap. For more tips have a look at the NHS Change4Life website.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Many of us enjoy a tipple every once in a while but it’s very easy on a night out to lose track of how much you are actually drinking. Men shouldn’t have more than 3-4 units a day which equates to about a pint and a half of beer, while women should have no more than 2-3 units a day (about one pint of beer.) If you think you’re having more than that in one night - or on a regular basis - then it’s time to look at what you’re drinking. has some excellent facts on the calorie content of alcoholic drinks and ways you can cut down.

Take the stairs

Instead of taking the lift at work, why not try using the stairs to burn off extra calories and keep your heart healthy? Try to do a little aerobic exercise every day to count towards your recommended 150 hours of aerobic exercise a week.

Move around more at work

If you have a desk job, make sure you take time to get up and walk around regularly. As adults, we typically sit in a desk chair for up to eight hours. Add to this to the time spent sitting in the car or train during a commute - plus an evening in front of the TV - and it can lead to obesity, back pain, poor posture and joint pain. Make sure you get up and take time to stretch your legs and body as much as possible during the day. Some offices in America have even started installing treadmill desks to counteract the health risks of sitting down all day.

Menopause often comes along with weight gain and mood swings, so try following some of these simple steps. Having a healthy outlook can help to create a new you in 2017.

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treadmill is good but i prefer to walk as i fee natural air outside. but at the moment stuck with theory test this hazard sections suc*s.
5 years ago