False Positive Pregnancy Test

If you\'re like most women who want to have a baby, at the very first instant possible, you want to take pregnancy test - just to see. And, if you\'ve taken a home pregnancy test and you\'ve gotten the plus sign (or whatever sign the test tells you is positive) then you assume you are pregnant. Simple. After all, the company guarantees 99% accuracy. But, what happens if you are not pregnant after all? How can it be? The company said ...

Why You May Get a False Positive on Your Pregnancy Test

There are several reasons why your pregnancy test may have shown positive when, in fact, you aren\'t pregnant.

Probably the most common cause of a false positive pregnancy test is due to improper testing. Each company includes specific instructions for taking their specific pregnancy test and it is very important that you carefully read the instructions before you take the test. The instructions will tell you when to read the results and there is only a short window of time to do that accurately. If you don\'t read the results within the specified period of time, then you may well get an incorrect positive. Some tests will show a faint positive line if the time has passed for interpreting the test.

The other aspect of timing has to do with going back to \"double check\" the test. If the test came back after three minutes with a negative response, then digging it out of the garbage just to make sure can mislead you into thinking it really was positive after all. Most pregnancy tests go to positive, albeit very faintly, after the reading time has expired. Home pregnancy tests should always be read at the instructed time for accurate results.

Certain Medications and Illnesses Can Trigger a False Positive Pregnancy Test

Certain medications can interfere with a pregnancy test and produce a false positive. Women who are receiving treatment for luteal phase defect or some other fertility issue may be receiving hCG treatments. These can skew a pregnancy test with excessive amounts of protein in the urine. Check in with the doctor to find out which home pregnancy tests are best to use. Also, certainly medical conditions can cause a spike in hCG within a woman\'s body which can signal a false positive on a pregnancy test. There are various cancers that can cause hCG levels to rise so it is best to have any pregnancy testing done by the doctor if you are dealing with a disease.

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