Some Things Work, Some Don't

When it comes to the great food search for something to get labor started, the first suggestion is usually something spicy. The idea of eating a meal filled with chili may sound great, but you may not like the way it ends up when you begin labor. Presentation is everything.

While there is no research to back the concept of certain foods induce labor, the anecdotal information supports certain meals that do the trick-Pineapple, spicy foods, Chinese food, eggplant Parmesan and licorice.

Spicy Foods May Inhibit Endorphins

As we mentioned, the most well-known of these foods are the spicy foods. However, research is showing that those hot peppers and other such foods release capsasins, which could prove to be counter-productive to labor. A woman's body has a special way of dealing with the pain of childbirth by releasing the natural pain-killer endorphins when the baby descends down the birth canal. The capsasins neutralize the endorphins which means the mother has no natural method of handling the pain. Her natural ability to give birth without pain is nullified.

Certain Seasonings Can Trigger Labor

Eggplant Parmesan was a popular item at one time and its ability to contribute to labor was not found in the eggplant, but rather in the seasonings used in the dish. Both basil and oregano are herbs that are not recommended for pregnant women because they have the ability to instigate labor.

Pineapple And Licorice

Pineapple is not a labor stimulant in terms of inducing labor, but it is thought to be an agent for softening the cervix by stimulating prostaglandins. However, there is no proof of the viability of this idea. Real licorice is also thought to be a stimulating agent for prostaglandins because of the chemical glycyrrhizin, which naturally occurs in licorice. Eating a lot of licorice, which is also a laxative, may result in diarrhea. Intestinal contractions could stimulate sympathetic uterine contractions but, as with other foods, there is no research to support the suggestions.

There's Always Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is always a good thing to get labor going. Plan a big night out in a fancy dress. Pick something that is dry-clean only (it's going to be a long time before you get to do that again) and, along with your partner, arrange to meet some friends at a very posh place. Order the appies of your dreams and your favorite dish. Be sure to leave room for dessert. Really get into enjoying yourself, relax and open up for the first bite. Your water should break right about then.

Wisdom Should Dictate

Rather than eating foods with the thought that they might trigger labor, it is a better idea to just eat foods that are familiar to you and something your would normally eat. Even though some of them may work, they could potentially cause a problem as well.

Actually, stick the light foods and avoid heavy meat and fats once labor begins. These foods take a long time to digest and you'll need your energy to birth your baby. Besides, if you need an anesthesia, a full tummy could be counter-productive.

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