Which exercise is best?

You should combine cardiovascular exercise, like walking or swimming, with weight training to see the best results.

Getting a cardio workout will help get your blood pumping throughout your body, including your reproductive system, while weight training will aid your body in getting stronger and being more capable of carrying a pregnancy.

Too little weight is not healthy...

But before you get too carried away with your new fitness routine, keep in mind that excess exercise can actually have the opposite affect on your fertility.

If you lose too much weight and your body fat dips below 22%, there is a good chance your periods and ovulation cycle will stop. While many women want to be lean, it's important to remember that having some body fat is healthy and necessary to keep your body running.

Too much body fat is not healthy...

On the other hand, having too much body fat can also be problematic, as fat cells produce estrogen. If you have too many fat cells, there's a good change you'll have too much estrogen floating around in your system.

This can also negatively impact your reproductive system and menstrual cycles. By adopting a fitness routine and following a healthy diet that suits your lifestyle, though, you can help regulate your hormones and keep everything running smoothly.

If you are new to exercise, you might want to get involved with a group activity or join a casual sports club. Try out some fitness classes or ask a friend to join you for a daily walk.

Working out with a partner is a great way to stay interested and motivated in exercise. Better yet, ask your partner to work out with you. Not only can you both get in better shape and motivate each other, but you can also both improve your fertility health.

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