The Health Practitioner You Probably Don’t See Enough

Suffering from a bad case of morning sickness? Aside from feeling run down and nauseous from your pregnancy, morning sickness can actually wreak havoc on your teeth. You’ll need extra help protecting your teeth because most of us don’t do enough to remove the acid left on our teeth after throwing up.

It’s not only pregnant women who should be seeing the dentist more often. Many British women do fail to see the dentist as often as required. They may not see the dentist twice a year as recommended or put off getting issues from dental pain to gum bleeding taken care of. This is why the dentist is the health practitioner you probably don't see enough.

Although Brits have a reputation for bad teeth, that stereotype isn’t reality. For example, British children have a lower incidence of missing, filled or decayed teeth than Spanish children. About 70 percent of Brits have seen a dentist each year, far more than the 40 percent of Americans. Let’s look at why you should visit the dentist more often.

You’re Recovering from a Dental Health Problem

Perhaps you’re repairing bleeding gums or receding gums due to bad oral hygiene or health problems. In these cases, you should see the dentist several times a year to continue repairing the damage. If your gums had to be hit with a laser or given another advanced treatment to treat an infection, you want to see the dentist in a couple of months to sustain the gain.

Note that you should see the dentist more often if you smoke or drink, too, to limit the damage these habits exact on your teeth.

Your Health Is Less Than Ideal

If your diabetes has been raging out of control, it is also bad for your teeth. Your gums are a mess. Your wounds are slow to heal, including when you poked yourself in the cheek.

Cancer treatment kills the saliva generating cells in the mouth and throat while stressing the body. You’re at increased risk of dental problems. In these cases, you want to visit the dentist more often to protect your teeth.

If you have already been diagnosed with heart disease, you’ll want to see the dentist at least twice a year. Extra cleanings actually reduces your risk of a heart attack and stroke. HIV and the associated medications increase the odds of serious oral problems, too. Yet you’re going to have a more difficult time fighting off thrush or bacterial infections.

You Think Something Is Wrong

It is depressing how often people know that something is wrong but are more afraid of the dentist than the problems that arise from an untreated problem. It may be a tooth infection that turns into an abscess. It may be a cut in the mouth or sores that are treated with over the counter remedies instead of more effective treatments.

Jaw pain is assumed to be stress while you grind your teeth to nothing every night or cause joint damage due to the untreated bruxism. You may have tooth pain but ignore it, blaming the ice cube you cracked. Yet that exposed cracked tooth puts you at risk of serious infection and denies the opportunity to potentially save the tooth.

Don’t ignore sores that won’t heal or lesions that get worse. And dental restorations that have something wrong with it can cause problems until it is resolved.

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