Changes to Your Cycle

Did you know that even if you normally have regular periods there are various things that can change your cycle?


If you gain or lose weight rapidly you can disrupt your cycle. And it can be a sign that there is something medically wrong, especially if you weren\'t over-eating or dieting.
The average woman needs at least 18% of body fat in order to ovulate. So if you go below a certain weight/height ratio you can stop ovulating and your periods may stop all together. If you are super thin or suffer from anorexia you may be compromising your future fertility, never mind your current health.
If you have a sudden weight gain your hormone balance can be disrupted and your ovulation can be delayed. You may start to have irregular cycles when you never had them before. You could be suffering from a thyroid disorder or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome if you are overweight and find it very difficult to lose weight.
In rare cases, a sudden large weight loss or gain can be a sign of something much more serious, especially if it affects your periods, so make sure you get checked out by your GP.


Suffering from emotional stress can affect your periods. Even worrying that you might be pregnant can be enough to delay your period! If you are overworking and don\'t get enough sleep, worrying about a promotion for example or about losing your job, this can also affect your cycle. Stress can cause your cycle to be longer than average and may mean either that your ovulation was delayed or that you didn\'t ovulate at all. Also if you have just broken up with your partner, moved house, lost a family member, or had an accident, it can contribute to your periods becoming erratic for a time.


You may be surprised but even going on holiday can affect your periods! The change of climate, different food, or being in a different time zone can all affect your cycle. So be prepared by packing some sanitary protection just in case your period comes early. On the other hand some women who\'ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time find that all they needed was to relax and unwind away from it all. So if you don\'t want to get caught out, make sure you pack your contraceptives along with your suntan lotion!

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