Braces Over 50 ? The Benefits of Invisalign

Braces for adults has recently become more common, rising over 40% since 1989. Aside from improving your smile, getting braces when you're an adult has other benefits, especially for women. As women age and reach menopause, they suffer from gradual bone loss which can cause teeth to push inwards and can make one's mouth crowded. A misaligned bite can also cause jaw joint pain and headaches.

If you are looking for a solution to this, Invisalign is the only teeth straightening apparatus that is both clear and wire free. It is a popular choice for adults who may feel embarrassed or worried at the thought of having braces, and 92% of users in the UK say that it has helped with their teeth alignments. With Invisalign, you can also eat freely and feel comfortable smiling at work and in social situations again.

These are some of the top benefits of having these retainers fitted, though you should always be sure to consult with an Invisalign specialist when you want to get help with your misaligned teeth.

1. Appearance: Invisalign is completely transparent. The retainers have no wires or brackets, making them a great option for anyone who can’t go without their smile, but are also looking to improve it.

2. Comfort: Because it is made with smooth plastic, there are no sharp edges or protruding pieces. Every set is also custom made to fit the wearer, so each set will be as comfortable as they can be for the person they are made for.

3. Cleanliness: The trays are completely removable. This means you can take them out to brush and floss your teeth while you clean your tray. Having a clean mouth is the first step to good oral hygiene, and your Invisalign is only as clean as your mouth. You can rinse the tray under warm water or (gently) brush it clean with your toothbrush to clear away any built-up food, before letting it dry and putting it back in. Healthy teeth and gums help the straightening process go faster and easier, so it is highly recommended you do all you can to keep your teeth healthy alongside looking after your trays.

4. Time: Invisalign trays save time, too. They are quick to make and only require maintenance every 6 weeks on average, while other form of braces can last much longer.

5. Removable and Safe: They can be taken out for any sports activities, eating, cleaning or any other reason. They will not rub, either, unlike other teeth straightening devices.

6. Eating: Some teeth alignment treatments come with food restrictions. You may also find that foods you ate normally before are now difficult to eat. For example, chewy sweets often get stuck in the wires of braces. However, with Invisalign, this is not the case. You are free to eat whatever you want.

7. Improved Dental Health: Dental health is important, as with good dental health comes good general health. Having straight teeth and gums makes having a healthy mouth easier, as it will eliminate crowning or gaps.

8. Improves Your Smile: After your treatment, you will be able to smile with confidence. With beautiful straight teeth comes a beautiful smile, and the improved oral hygiene will make your teeth shine.

Using Invisalign as a teeth straightening device has many benefits, with probably the most important advantages being how simple and comfortable the trays are, as well as the beautiful smile you will achieve at the end of the treatment. Dental health is extremely important, as having good teeth can help the rest of our body feel good. With these trays being so easy to clean and so beneficial for your oral health in general, you will not find a better treatment to help give you the smile you want and the healthy mouth you need.

You will feel confident about your smile plus benefit your health.

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