Birthing Options

Pregnancy is an ideal time for mothers to plan out their future and the changes they will have to make in their lives when their child arrives. It is also a time to explore your options and decide how and where you would like to bring your child into the world.


Things to Consider

Nowadays, there are several options available for your labour and delivery. You can have a vaginal birth, a water birth, a caesarean section, or even a hypno birth if you want. Likewise, you can choose to have your baby in a hospital, a private clinic, a midwife clinic or your home. What you must keep in mind is whether your choice is fulfilling your, and your baby's, needs.

Some things to consider are:


  • If this is your first pregnancy
  • The experience you had in previous deliveries
  • If you are expecting twins or more
  • Any special health needs
  • Your age and special care needed with that
  • If there are chances of complications
  • The kind of antenatal and postnatal care you wish to have


Locations for Birth

The various options you have in terms of where to give birth are:

Hospital Birth
This is the best option if you want the best medical technology available to take care of you and your baby throughout your labour and delivery. Hospitals have easy access to machines, well-trained nurses and doctors on-hand and the facilities to handle an emergency.

While thinking of this option, you must consider things like the distance of the hospital from your home, the policies and practices of the institution, whether your midwife or consulting doctor will be easily available there and the cost.

It is a good idea to ask about the experiences of your friends and relatives who had hospital births, and if someone in particular has used the facilities at the hospital that you want to use. This will help you get first hand information and make a better decision.

A hospital birth is sometimes found to be too clinical, but if there is a risk of complications, the hospital is likely the best option.

Home Birth
The experience of giving birth at home is a special one. There you have the comfort of your own room and familiar faces. You are also more involved in the decision making for childbirth. If there are no chances of any complications, and your pregnancy has been trouble free, a home birth can be as safe as birth in a hospital and is still commonly practiced in many parts of the world.

For a home birth, you will have to plan in advance. Speak to your doctor or midwife about the option and see to it that all facilities are well provided. Mostly home births are suitable for vaginal birth only, so if the need arises for an emergency c-section, the midwife should be prepared to transfer you to a nearby hospital.

Home births are not suitable for those prone to high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, as complications may arise during labour.

Birth Centres
For a more personalised level of attention combined with modern technology, a birth centre is a good option.

In general, nurse midwives who have certified training staff a birthing centre. There, you will be allowed greater decision-making power than in a hospital. As these centres consider childbirth a healthy life event, rather than a treatment or operation, the emphasis is on natural childbirth. You will have to be screened in advance to ensure that you have a low-risk pregnancy.

Though some birth centres may be equipped to handle emergency cases, your midwife should be prepared to transfer you to a hospital if the need arises. Birthing centres are a good option for those who want less medical intervention, but do not want to give birth at home.

Be sure to check out how the centre in your area is run, what facilities are available and the staff before finalising your choice.

Midwives Clinics
Run by midwives, these clinics are homey, comfortable and have a more relaxed atmosphere than a medical institution. In the UK, there are a number of clinics run by experienced midwives who are as competent in handling pregnancy and delivery cases as any doctor.

A midwife will also be able to get in touch with a doctor for instructions regarding medications, tests or surgery, if need be.

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